quarta-feira, 5 de fevereiro de 2014


Hello! Please, be welcome. My name is Ricardo Kanitz, I'm finishing a PhD in population genetics and I am starting this blog as an attempt to tackle the popularization of population genetics or, well, Pop Genetics!

Here, I'll try to keep up with what's new and also classic in this fascinating field of knowledge. If you know something of population genetics, you may be imagining this will be a bunch of numbers and equations pilled up in between incomprehensible pieces of text. This is not the idea and - quite frankly - this is not my approach towards pop. gen. either. I actually hope that my intuition-based approach can make you more comfortable with this amazing science.

Also, this blog has a Portuguese-speaking companion here. In principle, everything you'll find here will also be available there, and vice-versa.

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